Hakuna Matata Foundation

A foundation for health care in Kenya

Establishment of the foundation

Ute Simon, mental coach, and Dr. Christof Knebel, ophthalmologist, gained an insight into the local health and school system during a holiday in Kenya in 2019. The major discrepancy that still exists, especially in rural areas, compared to western standards was particularly noticeable in the healthcare sector. They were surprised by the openness towards new topics and new techniques in schools. The graciousness and gratitude in this region stayed with Ute Simon and Dr. Christof Knebel and wouldn‘t let go. Since they themselves are very grateful for the way they have been able to live so far, they also want to help and share this good fortune with others.

After more than 15 years of non-profit work in the association "Laufen und Helfen e.V.", the next step for Ute Simon and Dr. Christof Knebel was the formation of the foundation to give their life a deeper meaning.

Objective of the foundation

Above all, the foundation supports health care in the school sector in order to identify and treat diseases at an early stage, and which, if undetected, lead to serious impairment in later life.

In order to make appropriate treatments also available in rural areas, medical facilities have to be built as well as equipped, and specialists have to be trained.

On top of that, the children and young people should be taught mental strength at an early age as a key factor for success in their future. The focus of the foundation's projects is on helping people to help themselves.

Would you like to specifically help and donate to enable a future?

The Hakuna Matata Foundation, as an organization, consciously supports managed projects by providing fundamental and sustainable help. You can contribute with donations to plan and implement the projects long term. All those involved in this project in Germany do their work on a voluntary basis. This keeps administration costs at an absolute minimum, and you can be certain that your donation will actually reach those in need.

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