Moving for a good cause

All year round

All sales from the books “Just Breathe” and “Feel Good” as well as any other books from the co-founder Ute Simon and 5% of all medical invoicesfrom eye doctor and co-founder Dr. Christof Knebel are being donated to the foundation.

December 2023

Talk on ambitions and activities of the foundation at the Lions Club Vallendar

November 2023

Exhibition “Muitee” by photographer Tim Adorf on behalf of the foundation in Barcelona portraying Kenyan runners and their respective running culture - all proceeds from sales were donated to the foundation.

October 2023

Presenting the foundation at the “Speakerstars Donation Marathon” at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt

October 2023

Fundraiser for successfully completing the Ironman Championship in Hawaii by co-founder Ute Simon

July 2023

Talk on ambitions and activities of the foundation at the Rotary Club Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein

February 2023

Fundraiser for the 60th birthday of co-founder Ute Simon

Would you like to specifically help and donate to enable a future?

The Hakuna Matata Foundation, as an organization, consciously supports managed projects by providing fundamental and sustainable help. You can contribute with donations to plan and implement the projects long term. All those involved in this project in Germany do their work on a voluntary basis. This keeps administration costs at an absolute minimum, and you can be certain that your donation will actually reach those in need.

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