Mental Health for Kenyan children

Valuable mental techniques learned with ease

Helping people help themselves

Long ways to school, large families, hardly any money, parents often without work and little or no perspective as to where life should lead you. Add to that the crises that move us all, be it Covid, wars, the climate, and so much more. All of this does something to the children; it puts a strain on them and in Kenya it is not possible to just go and get help from a therapist or in clinics.

The parents are just as helpless and cannot aid or support their children with this. It is therefore even more important to help people there help themselves in order to strengthen mental health.

Valuable tools in everyday (+school) life

With tools such as breathing and mental techniques from the books by the foundation chairwoman Ute Simon, 'just breathe' and 'feel good', the children are given tools that can be used and are effective immediately in everyday life. Among other things, they can focus better, reduce their stress, trust themselves, feel more of what they really need, and so much more.

All in all, they learn important things for their everyday existence. These tools are integrated into everyday school life so that they become a habit. Then mindful listening, mindful reading, mindful speaking, mindful eating, mindful walking is a natural occurrence in children's everyday life, from which adults can also benefit.

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